(i) Lack Of Resources

What is revealed. [59]

An infinity of strings, harps without angels. [9]

I am not responsible. I am not responsible. I am not responsible. I am not responsible. [61]

It has taken this long. [59]

Parallel vibrations, in dissimilar universes. [45]

What you want is meaning, a difference between [I]ts presence and [I]ts absence. [24]

Ten words and three numbers. [14]

"inanimate things existed before living ones" [49]

The risen stone, the shriven God. [59]

An unreadable score. Unbearable music. [18]

Exclusive Read Exclusive Write [1]

The Book of Fire. [17]

The machine that will never think. [4]

The illuminated book, painted with metal and bound in skin. [43]

The poem, in its variations, multiplies, mutates into greater, more complex forms. [23]

A. I. [33]

The friction: working, the machine breaks down. [20]

What you feared, what you now long for. [30]

The machine conceived. [10]

Malfunctioning perfectly, a clicking abortion. [20]

The machine that you beg to be God. [6]

Any device that transmits or modifies energy. [2]

The book that you write, to discover. [52]

A virus, infecting fertile minds. [25]

the ink bedding [17]

The machine that, thinking, chooses suicide. [37]

The [ ] in the machine. [10]

The machine is waiting for when it has a use for you. [6]

Any device to which the word is applied. [27]

shorting your circuits [63]

My spine is broken. [1]

The Book of Sand. [2]

The book the bacteria write in your bones. [8]

Lest thine own self be true. [7]

What you forgot, that which now saves you. [16]

They are broken and repaired. [13]

The illusion of cause and effect: from above, a line; from beyond, a collapsed point. [12]

A parallax machine, which produces parallaxes. [55]

Breaking the bounds of one universe, recoiling from its physics, to shunt the things of this world into another. [59]

The fugue of All. Its unyielding tone. [64]

But are mistaken. [1]

The Book of Glass. [21]

[EFF]ACE [19]

As you forge links in this chain. [13]

"[T]here is no a priori improbability in the descent of conscious (and more than conscious) machines from those which now exist, except that which is suggested by the apparent absence of anything like a reproductive system in the mechanical kingdom. This absence however is only apparent, as I shall presently show." [15]

"The machine world reciprocates man's love by expanding his wishes and desires, namely, in providing him with wealth." [26]

"the machine is going to be perfect" [36]

The machine spawns new machines. [5]

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This online application automatically generates rule-abiding nonlinear readings of Ex Machina, as originally written by Jonathan Ball, whose first print edition was published by BookThug in 02009.

This literary stress-test assists in performing a qualitative analysis under the following hypothesis: nonlinear constructions of Ex Machina are semantically and poetically inferior to the first linear construction. The methodology is adjustable due to lack of instruction in the original text, but the current simulation available is limited due to media porting instability. (In this case, a textuality deficiency with regards to physical media.)

The equivalent null-hypothesis would therefore state that rule-abiding nonlinear structures would make an equal or greater amount of sense as a linear reading of the original manuscript.