Stephanie's Mad Infowar (02013)

Fiction. Short, word game. Character based story with strictly propagandistic themes. Of questionable legal status in at least five countries.

Original 02011. Redraft 02013.

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Matchette Road (02010)

An experiment in social geography. Nonfiction essay accompanied with 35mm black and white photography. Concept based story with variable open-ended themes. Boasts mood of unsettling oddness.

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The GENCODE Project (02011)

A literary translation from biblical hebrew to object-oriented programming code. Algorithmic subroutines collected in a group. Concept based story with variable open-ended themes. Runs on ∞-bit operating systems.

Judeo-Christian native; Islam-compatiblity available through IPS patch.

Biblical editor: BC. Code debugger: Temia of the Cleverpun Network.

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About Diskmaster (02011)

A testament to timelessness. Nonfiction poems collected in a group. Character based story with variable open-ended themes. Handwritten with the blood of my vanquished enemies.

Disk is the proprietor of Rêvasser's affiliate network, the Darkfire Aviary.

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An open list of the majority of the better books I've read, such that other readers who face difficulty in finding new material could use my shelves as reference point.

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Qualitative Analysis of Jonathan Ball's Ex Machina
Quantitative Analysis of Jonathan Ball's Ex Machina


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