I am currently not openly offering my services as a web developer and graphic designer. As a result, this page may be slightly outdated.

Should you wish to sample my web design further, try freely roaming the surrounding network. The following are just commentaries on specific designs as they were first made.

All my webpages are hand-coded in a very old-fashioned manner. They are static, sculptural, and artisan, but seldom perfect by more modern standards.

Corporate and out-network clients are omitted from this listing.

Lime of the Season (web)

This design was a collaboration with The Maverickk, a follow-up of the previous one featuring many of the same techniques.

An added feature of this site was the use of HTML5 Canvas elements animated with javascript.

Example Page

Essence of Lime (web)

This design was a collaboration with The Maverickk for what I would call one of my best designs to date.

The code makeup of this design took advantage of some new CSS3 developments for the (then) recent software builds of most major web browsers, especially the ability of CSS3 to sport multiple background images.

Example Page

Sleights (web)

A self-commission that turned out very well. Done completely because I had to.

Having full access to most game media proved helpful in making a matching site at little cost, but because the resolution was so low for the original 320x240 size game, some aspects needed to be remade entirely.

Example Page

KWRPG (web)

For the longest time, the KWRPG was without an easily accessible website, favoring the homepage on the community forums instead of a webpage. While that was good for plenty of return users, it wasn't the best for people who wanted to know more about the game series.

The design made full use of 24-bit PNG images for transparent backgrounds. Sprites and other game resources were used to give the pages welcoming visual cues.

Example Page

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