The Poetry In Formulae.

Read the instruction and decode it. [13]

"The entire current 'psychological' situation is characterized by this short-circuit." [14]

Amphimixis [46]

Shameful. [3]

Acknowledge the potential for failure. [18]

Exclusive Read Exclusive Write [1]

The Book of Sand. [2]

The book the bacteria write in your bones. [8]

Let thine own self be true. [54]

It is not just a game. [42]

The option that disturbs most thoroughly. [53]

Behind the screen menu, when I was a child. [40]

The machine continues, and breaks down. [32]

The work of art in the age of mechanical reduction. [62]

The architecture of your memory. [40]

You continue, and break down. [27]

The water [49]

If only I knew what you wanted. [29]

What you know does not matter, even if you knew. [45]

Regardless of what is believed. [9]

"god is our ceo" [24]

Ten words and three numbers. [14]

Cathexis [45]

What you want is [I]ts presence. [44]

Symbols, inked on paper, and what you read in the ink is your reflection. [63]

My spine is broken. [1]

The Book of Glass. [21]

[F]ACE [31]

An ethics in which the artist is perceived as enemy. [39]

I am going to persist
in this evasion. [13]

"Neither the book nor the sand has any beginning or end." [57]

The human being as a larval stage in the reproductive process of the book/machines. [15]

"Physiologically, man in the normal use of technology [...] is perpetually modified by it and in turn finds ever new ways of modifying his technology." [34]

(is) lack of recourse [47]

Options exist to disguise the lack of options. [42]

Choice governed by paranoia. [29]

What you will never know. [48]

Light behind the screen. [22]

combining [41]

(a code commences to construct worlds) [22]

or with a purpose [46]

[ ]. [44]

[ ] is still. [37]

The [ ] is the machine. [49]

The risen stone, the shriven God. [59]

Parallel vibrations, in dissimilar universes. [45]

What you want is [I]ts absence. [21]

[EFF]ACE [19]

The psychology of damage. [14]

"inanimate things existed before living ones" [49]

The living metal, the riven flesh. [35]

The cyborg as science, not fiction. [27]

shorting your circuits [63]

My ribs are splayed open like wings. [64]

And believe that you see something. [47]

Options exist. [3]

Do not operate without. [14]

Apomixis [23]

Arising from errors in the code [5]

Combine them. [35]

The cyborg as travesty. [40]

The poem continues: [28]

In the garden of forking paths, you appear always to move forward. [4]

The machine above the human. [10]

Malfunctioning perfectly, a clicking abortion. [20]

The machine that you beg to be God. [6]

Any device that transmits or modifies energy. [2]

The book that you write, to discover. [52]

Minds more powerful than rooms of computers. [62]

The universe as one machine among many. [32]

The machine as psychosis. [5]

Get these 86 letters. [18]

Exclusive Read Concurrent Write [18]

Concurrent Read Concurrent Write [11]

Tesseract [12]

(Or:) It has taken your eyes. [58]

The book closing, having reached the end of books. [64]

But are mistaken. [1]

The Book of Fire. [17]

The machine we believe will never think. [26]

"the machine is poetry" [50]

Clothing the Word in flesh, so that it might finally die. [63]


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This online application automatically generates rule-abiding nonlinear readings of Ex Machina, as originally written by Jonathan Ball, whose first print edition was published by BookThug in 02009.

This literary stress-test assists in performing a qualitative analysis under the following hypothesis: nonlinear constructions of Ex Machina are semantically and poetically inferior to the first linear construction. The methodology is adjustable due to lack of instruction in the original text, but the current simulation available is limited due to media porting instability. (In this case, a textuality deficiency with regards to physical media.)

The equivalent null-hypothesis would therefore state that rule-abiding nonlinear structures would make an equal or greater amount of sense as a linear reading of the original manuscript.