Ozzy and Millie

D. C. Simpson

A webcomic that temporarily gained traction as a newspaper daily in the Detroit Free Press for a few years. Ozzy and Millie never found a traditional publisher, and could only get printed through internet mailing-on-demand services. This made finding it through traditional bookstores a very difficult proposition. My collection only covers a fraction of the total amount of work Miss Simpson created during its more than 10 year long run: Prehistronics (01997-02000) and Tofu Knights (02004-02005). This particular collection is notable in that it is more representative of the majority visual style the comic used, the exact middle between its stiff ink markering from its early days, and its loosely brushed children's book style later days.

While I quite liked Ozzy and Millie, I don't suspect it will age very well, especially given the very-timely American political satire involved. Nonetheless, what DC Simpson managed to accomplish with Ozzy and Millie during the time was quite remarkable. It's actually quite a shame that after she finished this series, the furries had given matters such a bad taint that her subsequent work inevitably failed as it did. If it was Miss Simpson's own undoing or a result of a peer pressure from what was undeniably part of her own fanbase, I really cannot say, nor do I want to find out.

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