Si Þin Nama Gehalgod

Rowan-Eliot “Blithewine” Morris

Or “The Titillations of Martyrdom, A Series of Vignettes Designed To Induce Ejaculations of Religious Fervour.” Otherwise known as “Weird Catholicism.pdf,” it is a small chapbook inbetween the line of prose in style, and poetry in presentation. However, like most digital chapbooks, these days it's incredibly difficult to track it down. The only reason I still have it preserved is because I copied it out myself and taped it into one of my spare journals so it could share the shelves with my other books.

No overriding narrative or stylistic concerns, but it reads almost like a written improv or an underground sketch comedy, jumping wildly from one ridiculous scenario to the next, lingering only so far as to let the audacity sink in before it crosses the line a second time. Its presentation and rare release would almost be indie in a punk sort of way.

I have this 19-page document there on a literary promise: Blithewine's prose is so good, that should he ever publish a book-length work I immediately want to rub my face all over it. His written form is as darkly beautiful as his choice in content. He has this uncanny ability of writing the most delicious paragraphs, that in only reading one small excerpt you immediately crave more and want to know the rest. It's a writing skill I would kill for, and I probably will.

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