The Sandman

Neil Gaiman, et. al.

Volumes 1 through 10, also containing the sideworks of “The Dream Hunters” and “Endless Nights.”

The Sandman first presents itself within the works of old DC Superhero comics, but it works quickly to rapidly evolve, breaking out of that worn mold into something more mysterious and outright surreal. It is an interesting example of what happens when someone with highbrow education writes very wholeheartedly for an all-too-often oversold portion of popular culture.

It is a very demanding series. Fans of nostalgic superhero comics who are not familiar with the breadth of the English literary canon will need to rise to meet the occasion, yet hardcore bookworms and uppity scholars of ancient mythologies will also need to humble themselves appropriately.

I would say those new to reading graphic novels might find The Sandman too inaccessible. It is a difficult work for most audiences, but can be quite rewarding if you can brave it.

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