Black and White Photography

Henry Horenstein

A university textbook offering a crash course in traditional film photography, for those all too familiar with the ease and comforts of digital cameras, as circumstance found I had to quickly acquire. Also a good grounding text for understanding the nature of single-lens-reflex cameras, lens types, and filters, which is common even to digital capture. (... and arguably to greater effect.)

Traditional photography is still interesting in the oddities of visual technique it can still accomplish, such as double exposure and the unique grainy texture common to black and white film, especially when digitally scanned afterwards. However, I much prefer colour film photography, not only for the strange and unusual colour capture that film is capable of, but also due to how its development process is an international standard and is much less of a crap-shoot in attempting. (Sadly, I never learned how to develop film on my own, which this book was strangely unhelpful with.)

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