Building Successful Online Communities

Robert E. Kraut, Paul Resnick, Yuqing Ren, Sara Kiesler, Aniket Kittur, Moira Burke, John Riedl, Joseph Konstan, Yan Chen

Back when books on this subject weren't terribly common, it was very welcome to finally have a proper academic textbook with an array of research behind it. The book is reflective of a period in history where it differentiates between the olden style of online forums and the newer inventions of social-media networks. These separate methods of online space are marked as identity communes and bonds communes, and the book is quite detailed about the very stark differences between them.

The book, though, is probably most interesting in what its supporting research says about completely different areas of social endeavour than it does about community management specifically, yet I cannot tell if this would be the bias of the authors showing through, or just a completely unintended side effect of the exact points they were trying to make.

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