Mommy's Little Star

Janet Bingham, Rosalind Beardshaw

I got this book because the art looked cool. Targeted audience is those of less than three years old, or so I'm led to believe.

It is structured as a bedtime story, though I never exactly learned what the conventions of bedtime stories are. To use only this book as an example, bedtime stories seem to be written quite differently from traditional stories. With the intent being that the listener fall asleep somewhere around three quarters the way through, the plot and development is nonexistent outside of borrowed parental assurances. I imagine this a narrative style more akin to poetry than other kinds of dramaturgy, and is difficult to pull off and very easy to get wrong. If this particular book is an exemplar of the field, I cannot judge.

... but there is another facet which I can judge. I would later find out that another book by the same two authors, with the same artwork, and same overall everything would later be published as “Daddy's Little Star.” Retrospectively, perhaps this book is really meant more for the sake of the reader than the listener.

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